Finnish HARP Easter Workshop - "In Search of God"

During the Easter weekend a 4-day HARP-workshop (13.4.-16.4.) was held in a villa on the coast of the Baltic Sea in Helsinki, Finland. The motto of the workshop was "In Search of God". The goal was for the participants to understand and connect with God in a more deep and personal way.

Opitaan yhdessä

The program consisted of lectures on contents such as God's existence, the purpose of creation and how to lead a daily life connecting to God.



We also had a "Team Race" (a competitive post-to-post team challenge, shorter than a regular Challenge Day), sports, creative groups and, of course, traditional relaxing sauna-time.

Challenge continues

Altogether 14 participants and 8 full-time staff members (incl. team leaders and kitchen staff) were present at the workshop. The workshop also involved a newly joined young member as staff to experience the atmoshphere and support the ws.


The Finnish HARP is very blessed to be able to use amazing facilities with full equipment provided by the Helsinki youth department for free of charge. Our participants had the opportunity to enjoy the ws and focus on the content while being surrounded by peaceful and beautiful nature.