Origami in Itis library

Helsinki, 5. March 2015Origami

WFWP organises origami workshops (origami is Japanese paper-folding) in Itis library on Thursday afternoons. Anyone's welcome to join in! 




Indonesian Dance

Helsinki, 16 March 2014

indonesian-danceIndonesia is a big country, spread out over several main islands, each with differing cultures. Jetty Jusuf shortly introduced some of her home country's differing styles of dances reflecting various ethnic majorities living on each of the islands. Being from Sumatra, Jetty taught us one particular, ancient, group dance called "Dindin ba dindin", or the clapping dance.


Empowering Women and Networking as a means to create peace and development

Helsinki, 20 October 2013

20.10"Empowering Women and Networking as a means to create peace and development" brought a group of women together this cold but beautiful autumn afternoon.

Our new WFWP national chairwoman in Finland, Päivi Yoshizumi, was enthusiastic in giving an overview report - by word and picture - of her experiences in London 2 weeks ago during the International WFWP gathering there.  Päivi reminded us of the overall vision of WFWP - which is so easy to  loose sight of as we move in small steps; she also reminded us of each of our own strengths and possibilities.

While looking for a date for our next meeting in order to brainstorm - we re-named it "heartstorming" - a renewd Finnish vision 2020,  the request came to keep sitting and heart-storming right away.

The result is a list of things and events we will do before this year is over and well into the new year of 2014.

Tunteita taiteillen! -an afternoon with arts II

Helsinki, 12 January 2014jan142

When we look at the sky at night we can see through the atmosphere the dark universe beyond which seems black, dark blue, or even colourless - except for the shining stars. During the day, however, when the sun shines, the color yellow is dominant, and when we look at the sky above us, we find it to be bright blue. As we look lower and lower towards the horizon, the blue pales and is almost white at the horizon. When the sun rises or sets, its yellow colour being filtered through the atmosphere changes towards bright red.

These natural phenomena of basic colors - blue, yellow, red - have surrounded mankind since the beginning of time, explained art teacher Lidia Kivinen at the first WFWP meeting of the year 2014.


Tunteita taiteillen! - an afternoon with arts

Helsinki, 15 September 2013


The soul receives vitality from colors and in turn expresses itself in various shades and nuances. This was the topic under which a group of women came together to do water color painting! Under the guidance of artist Lidia Kivinen, each person was given a large sheet of paper.  At first we were to paint the upper half of the paper in two different shades of yellow, according to our own liking. Next, we were to paint the bottom part of the paper in two different shades of blue.

To let the water colors dry a bit, we enjoyed refreshments.  As usual, Lidia remarked, there were those who said: "I don't know how to paint," "I was really bad in art class", etc, - but, everyone still likes drawing and painting and does it. Because the soul does wish to express itself through color, beauty, creativity.


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