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The important role of a women in the culturally diversifying Finland

The Finnish chapters of UPF and WFWP held a joint event on the theme ”The important role of a woman in the culturally diversifying Finland”.

The first presenter was Mrs. Sirpa Asko-Seljavaara, a member of the City Assembly of Helsinki, a former MP, and a surgeon by profession.
She told that women in the Finnish Parliament (one of highest percentages in the world) form a Women's Network, where they share fellowship and plan certain laws, i.e. in family related matters, together beyond party lines. In this way important laws supporting parenthood and child-care have been initiated.

Through urbanization a very unfortunate decline of inter-generational connectedness has taken place. Many elderly people are living alone. Even though they are provided with basic physical care, their loneliness is often more agonizing than physical pain.

Much of this problem could be solved by children caring more for their parents. Much of loneliness could be avoided  also through voluntary work and fellowship among neighbours. After having described some parliamentry measures taken to deal with those issues, she concluded by encouraging all to give more concern and care for each other.

The second presenter, Mrs. Melody Karvonen, an advisor in inter-cultural issues to public administration and NGOs, talked on the role of family as the fundamental place for everyone to grow to humanity. She pointed out that parents are the primary educators of children especially in character and morals, school is a partner with emphasis on education in knowledge and skills.

Being a mother of four internationally married children and a grandmother of six, she lively confirmed the impact of a mother on the lives of many people. Mrs. Karvonen, described that her family's Baha'i faith upholds the perspective of one world with humanity as its citizens.

In the following comments Mrs. Riitta Salin, the director of a multicultural network, Moniheli, shared that in all cultures similar matters make people joyful, sad or happy. Good things can happen, if we don't destroy the sphere of goodness.

Mrs. Ogeh Eneh, a producer at an international culture center, said that everyone needs to set and claim the ground and space of her existence.
It is a matter of caring for our children and elderly citizen.The parental education can not be outsourced.

The MC Mrs. Päivi Yoshizumi then invited the audience of about 50 persons to continue with sharing over refreshments. 

UPF theme event: ”The integration of Jewish and Tatar communities into the Finnish society”

picIn the past three decades increasing immigration into Finland has taken place from Russia, Estonia, the Balkans and from African nations. This is affecting the society in many ways and immigration issues have been an ongoing topic in public for years. People of two ethnic groups moved to and settled in Finland as early as the latter part of the 19th century. They are nowadays small but vital parts of the Finnish society.

As an active player in intercultural dialogue UPF Finland invited the representatives of those two, Jewish and Tatar (Muslim), communities to give a talk on their collective experiences in integrating into the Finnish society. Thus an interested audience of close to 50 persons from ethnic associations, NGOs, faith communities and public administration attended.


UN International Day of Peace

educationforpeace30021 September

Each year on September 21, the UN invites all nations and people to honor a cessation of hostilities and commemorate the International Day of Peace through education and public awareness on issues related to peace. In the quest for peace, UPF and its Ambassadors for Peace around the world organize commemorations of the International Day of Peace each year.

Theme for 2013: "Education for Peace"

See how UPF chapters around the world world commemorate the International Day of Peace.

Building Momentum in Korea for Nations of Peace

News ILC interfaithSeoul, 20-24 August 2013

“The greatest tribute we can offer to Rev. Sun Myung Moon is to carry on the great work for peace to which he dedicated his entire life,” said Hon. Jose de Venecia, founding chairman of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties. “Rev. Moon will be immortal, for there are millions of us who carry his memory in our hearts.”

He was one of the 300 people who came to Korea from 80 nations for the International Leadership Conference August 20-24, convened on the occasion of the one-year anniversary celebration of Rev. Moon’s passing. The conference was sponsored by UPF, in cooperation with the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women’s Federation for World Peace, all organizations founded by the Rev. and Mrs. Moon.

UPF Statement on the Elimination of Violence against Men and Women

On the occasion of and in support of the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women and International Womeupf - logos 2-0 cmn's Day 2013, on the theme: “Elimination and Prevention of All Forms of Violence Against Women and Girls,” Universal Peace Federation offers the following affirmations:

First, human conflict and violence have their roots in the breakdown of human relationships, and the human failure to live up to our highest ideals and aspirations. Violence is a symptom of a moral and spiritual failure. If we are to eliminate violent conflict, we must commit ourselves to a moral and spiritual awakening...

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