What is FFWPU


FFWPU (Family Federation for World Peace and Unification) seeks three ideals mentioned in its title: family, peace and unification. Promoting the values that make for strong families is FFWPU's central mission. As human beings, spiritual in nature, we need the experience of compassion, love, understanding, caring, sincerity, and selfless service.

FFWPU was founded in 1996 by Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon in order to expand the mission of the Unification Church and "the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity" founded in 1954, to create an alliance of people who share their vision of building happy families as the basis for healthy communities, stable societies and a peaceful world.


World Peace depends on peace among and within the people populating the world. The smallest unit for practicing or learning how to practice peace is the family. The smallest unit of the family is each individual person.

Each person is born with a potential – a divine seed - of not just physical stature or looks, but of a unique personality, with traits, talents and abilities.

Each person's lifelong task and privilege is to develop that God-given potential or seed into blooming and fruition, becoming a man or woman of goodness and integrity.

Every human being having the in-born desire for happiness, true love, harmonious relationships and peace, he/she is also equipped with the ability to fulfil that very desire - the "First Blessing" given by the Creator.

The divine seed or potential we are to develop is called different things by different experts, philosophies or religions. But personal character development or spiritual growth require people to voluntarily apply their God-given free will towards living a life of goodness and integrity.

When a man and a woman of maturity and genuine character who are striving each to fulfil the First Blessing, join forces to create a couple and family, they are fulfilling the "Second Blessing" given to mankind by the Creator.

Learning to live for the sake of each other, loving selflessly, discovering new aspects within themselves and about each other continuously through life circumstances, they, upon becoming parents, teach their children to live with love, dignity and respect towards themselves and towards others.

Such families will be the building block for a caring community and society where every person is treated with equal value, cherished for his/her differences and included as a member of "One Family Under God."

The "Third Blessing" is people's task and privilege to take care of the planet, to use their God-given creativity to make the most comfortable living conditions for everyone using the surrounding environment of nature and applying the knowledge of science and technology with love, respect and moderation.

FFWPU International

Rev. Moon, in a deep spiritual experience, received a calling from Jesus at the age of 15 and during the following years he received revelations and understanding that he later summarized into the teaching of "the Divine Principle". He started his public ministry in North Korea in 1946 and founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC), which subsequently became known as the Unification Church, in 1954 in Seoul, South Korea.

8In 1958 Rev Moon sent the first missionaries to Japan and the following year in 1959 he sent missionaries to the United States from where his teachings spread to Europe in the late 60s and to around the world by the mid 70s. During the 80s the world wide Unification Movement had a strong focus on countering expanding Marxism and communism. In the early 90s after the Soviet Union had collapsed and the teachings of Rev Moon had reached Russia and other formerly communist nations the emphasis of the movement shifted to the decline of religion and family values in the Western world.

In 1996 Rev and Mrs Moon founded the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in order to expand the mission of the Unification Church and the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.

Today FFWPU's estimated several hundred thousand members are found throughout the world with the largest number living in South Korea and Japan. The Chairman of FFWPU as well as the president of the broader Unification Movement is Rev Hyung Jin Moon, the youngest son of Rev and Mrs Moon. The Unification Movement is operating in various areas including culture, religion, education, politics, media, sports and technology.

In addition to FFWPU other organizations were founded for more specific fields of peacemaking: In 1992 Mrs. Moon founded the Women's Federation for World Peace in order to strengthen the role of women in creating a just and peaceful society. The Middle East Peace Initiative was instigated in 2003, in the heat of a period of intensified Palestinian-Israeli violence, by offering a range of programs from interfaith pilgrimages to fact-finding tours, leadership consultations, and grass-roots encounters. In 2005 Rev Moon founded the Universal Peace Federation to build a global network of religious, political, academic, media, and NGO leaders who can contribute to peace and human development.

FFWPU Finland

The first Unificationist missionaries arrived in Finland in January 1972 and since then there have been regular outreach and teaching activities. Today there is one active congregation in Helsinki with Sunday services, fellowship meetings and participation in international events.