July Divine Principle Seminar

Website dp-wsWe had a 2-day Divine Principle workshop over the weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. A holiday village surrounded by beautiful nature and lying at the shore of a big lake served as the workshop venue. It contributed to a refreshing atmosphere and provided relaxation for both our minds and bodies.
Most of the participants arrived on Friday evening and joined together for a delicious dinner. Surprisingly they were greatly outnumbered by the amount of last minute sign-ups. Luckily the holiday village owners were flexible enough and everyone could be welcomed without further ado.

On Saturday morning our group of 24 people started the day with light morning meditation and with reading some inspiring words. Even before that a few participants went for a refreshing morning swim in the lake. After breakfast the lectures started. Our lecturer Gudrun Hassinen explained the Principles of Creation in the morning and the Fall in the evening and each lecture was followed by discussion groups. Some practical questions were prepared in advance and they often lead to fruitful discussions within each group.

 In the afternoon we had free time to digest both the lunch and the lectures. It was a warm sunny day, so some of us went rowing with a boat, others swimming and yet others strolling around the grounds. After the evening lecture and dinner there was a chance to go to a traditional Finnish sauna and for a swim in the lake before rest time. On Sunday we went through the purpose of the Messiah, Jesus’ life and the Parallels of History.
The workshop, especially the discussion groups, made us all think about how the Divine Principles and the truths they reveal relate with us personally, in our everyday lives. Thus we could benefit spiritually and relaxing in the beautiful nature charged us physically as well.