2-Day Divine Principle Seminar

DP1In addition to regular one-day workshops, the Finnish branch of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification organised a 2-Day Divine Principle seminar. The workshop was held in Luukki, a remote corner of Espoo yet only 22 kilometres away from Helsinki and easily reached by bus or by car. Located in the middle of the forest beside a small lake, a former school building offered a calm, ideal setting for studying and spending valuable time together.

The goal of the seminar was to give all participants a general overview of the Divine Principle, starting with the Principles of Creation and the Human Fall on Saturday and finishing with the Principles of Restoration and the Foundation for the Messiah on Sunday. The main lecturer was Gudrun Hassinen, but there were also two parts presented by Veera Hynninen...

All in all, the great number of young people attending was a defining characteristic of this seminar. The Unification Youth participated in the seminar as a part of their winter workshop, which also included a day of separate activities at the same location, one day before the start of the Divine Principle seminar. In total, there were 27 participants, including 8 Unificationists, 14 2nd generation Unificationists and 5 guests. The seminar seemed to be a positive experience for everyone. The atmosphere was good and the participants also had time to enjoy good food, fresh air and a real Finnish wood-heated sauna.

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