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Peace Road

Suomi osallistui yhtenä 127 maasta Peace Road-kulkueeseen yhtenäisen maailman ja Korean puolesta. Tapahtuma pidettiin Suomessa 9. heinäkuuta ja se alkoi Turusta, josta matka jatkui Saloon ja päätyi Helsingissä Töölönlahden kiertueella. Jokaisessa kaupungissa pidettiin lyhyt puhe Peace Roadin tarkoituksesta, marssittiin, ja päivän lopuksi Helsingissä allekirjoitettiin banneri, jossa oli kuvattu maailmankartta.

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Maailmanlaajuisen Peace Road 2015 esittely


Divine Principle Seminar

5dayJulyWe held a 5- Day Divine Principle workshop in Vääksy. Mr. Tim Miller from UK came to act as the lecturer. He gave inspiring lectures to 9 attentive workshop participants. Some of the participants have been involved in the movement for a long time and some only came to know the movement in the past year.

All participants expressed they were happy to have attended the workshop. One reflected that he could understand more about Divine Principle and God’s guidance in his life, so he was so grateful to be able to participate in the workshop.

In addition, the location of the workshop at a lake front with beautiful scenery around and a truly great sunny weather provided a wonderful environment for everyone to feel peace and joy. We thank Heavenly Parent for everything.

July Divine Principle Seminar

Website dp-wsWe had a 2-day Divine Principle workshop over the weekend from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. A holiday village surrounded by beautiful nature and lying at the shore of a big lake served as the workshop venue. It contributed to a refreshing atmosphere and provided relaxation for both our minds and bodies.
Most of the participants arrived on Friday evening and joined together for a delicious dinner. Surprisingly they were greatly outnumbered by the amount of last minute sign-ups. Luckily the holiday village owners were flexible enough and everyone could be welcomed without further ado.

On Saturday morning our group of 24 people started the day with light morning meditation and with reading some inspiring words. Even before that a few participants went for a refreshing morning swim in the lake. After breakfast the lectures started. Our lecturer Gudrun Hassinen explained the Principles of Creation in the morning and the Fall in the evening and each lecture was followed by discussion groups. Some practical questions were prepared in advance and they often lead to fruitful discussions within each group.


World Peace Blessing & Rededication Ceremony

Helsinki, 17 February 2013rededication

FFWPU held the World Peace Blessing & Rededication ceremony in the Marina Congress center on Sunday 17th February 2013.

According to Rev. Moon, the founder, a family is the cornerstone of peace in a society, a nation and a world. Over 30 couples, friends and some children gathered together for this occasion as the couples celebrated their marriages and family members appreciated each other.

Mr. Rony Smolar offered a traditional Jewish prayer for the couples and Leino Hassinen, former bishop of Lutheran church, gave a congratulatory message in the event.

The World Peace Blessing ceremony in Finland is a part of the worldwide Blessing ceremony of the
Family Federation for the World Peace.

2-Day Divine Principle Seminar

DP1In addition to regular one-day workshops, the Finnish branch of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification organised a 2-Day Divine Principle seminar. The workshop was held in Luukki, a remote corner of Espoo yet only 22 kilometres away from Helsinki and easily reached by bus or by car. Located in the middle of the forest beside a small lake, a former school building offered a calm, ideal setting for studying and spending valuable time together.

The goal of the seminar was to give all participants a general overview of the Divine Principle, starting with the Principles of Creation and the Human Fall on Saturday and finishing with the Principles of Restoration and the Foundation for the Messiah on Sunday. The main lecturer was Gudrun Hassinen, but there were also two parts presented by Veera Hynninen...


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